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COMSTRAT 383 - Spring 2016 Syllabus

COMSTRAT 383  – Creative Media Strategies & Techniques (3 CREDITS) Instructor:  Brett Atwood                                Office...

WEEKS 3 & 4 OVERVIEW: Preparing your Strategic Plan, Competitive Analysis & SWOT Analysis

For this week, the class will:
  • Begin work on our Strategic Plan, to include the Competitive Analysis and SWOT Analysis
  • Discuss the basics and best practices in preparing a strategic plan
  • Conduct brief one-on-one consultations between instructor and student re: progress on the strategic plan.
  • Learn about the six principles of persuasion. 
  • Identify and reach out to a potential client that you would like to partner with for the semester-long practice campaign project. Meet with your client to assess their campaign needs and to gather information to complete the Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis and the related Strategic Plan
  • Prepare first draft of Strategic Plan for Thursday, Feb. 4
  • Read chapters 1, 2 and 18 in the textbook