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Backgrounders and Fact Sheets


Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing one of the critical first steps in developing your campaign -- research. Through research on previous campaigns and circumstances about your client, you can better understand the current needs for the new campaign.

One step in this process is finding the information that will be used in the creation of a backgrounder. As part of the media portfolio, the backgrounder serves to answer any anticipated "overview" questions about the client.

This is a helpful way to communicate basic background/overview information to the media and other defined publics.
Here are some examples of backgrounders:

Another step in the research phase of your campaign planning is the creation of a fact sheet. A fact sheet is similar to a backgrounder in that it also contains an overview of the client and its activities. However, unlike a backgrounder, a fact sheet is usually structured so that the information can be digested quickly "at-a-glance." It is very visual in nature and it is not uncommon to use bolded headers and bullet points. The fact sheet is used by the media or audience to get a quick understanding of the client and/or a specific initiative.

Here are some examples:
Here is a site with some advice and templates: