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Press Release Assignment

For your portfolio, you should create two press releases for your client. After consulting with your client, what are two newsworthy or feature-worthy developments that might each warrant a press release? Think carefully about how a news or feature reporter might value the information that you include. What will peak their interest for possible news or feature coverage of your client?

You might choose to use one of the many press release templates available in Google Drive/Documents.

This link will take you to a list of available press release templates in Google Documents.

DUE: February 25


Which template should I use?

The type of press release that you create depends on the situation and needs of your client. Don't be afraid to download several templates and explore. Find the one that fits the tone and aesthetic that is appropriate for your client.

How do I get my press release exported from Google Documents and on to my digital portfolio?

Once completed, you should save your press release (File > Save) then select File > Download > Word (or you can use PDF, if you prefer). At this point, you will have a saved version of the file on your local hard drive. You should now be able to print it out to add to your overall semester portfolio.

Can I use Microsoft Word?

Absolutely! Microsoft Word also has templates available. See this link for a few.

What type of lede should I use when writing my press release?

In most situations, the lede of your press release will be driven by the potential news value of the announcement. However, there are some scenarios where you might try a "feature" approach to your press release. This is appropriate for "soft news" and situations where the "news value" is not immediately apparent. Whatever style you choose, it should be an appropriate fit for your client and the type of message that aligns with your strategic plan!