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COMSTRAT 383 - Spring 2016 Syllabus

COMSTRAT 383  – Creative Media Strategies & Techniques (3 CREDITS) Instructor:  Brett Atwood                                Office...

WEEKS 9 & 10 OVERVIEW: Media Target Lists & Working with the Media


For the next couple of weeks, we will:
  • Further revise/refine our campaign materials
  • Discuss both the traditional and social press release formats
  • Use CisionPoint, a popular PR database resource, to create a media target list for our client

Students should:
  • Reading:
    • For the next couple of weeks, please read the following:
      • Chapter 3 ("Finding and Making News")
      • Chapter 4 ("Working with Journalists and Bloggers")
      • Chapter 5 ("Writing the News Release")
  • Media Target List:
    •  Create a media target list for your client. Who are the seven "A-list" media outlets that you would ideally target and distribute your press releases to? Use CisionPoint to assemble this media target list and then export the info into a document that you will include in your final campaign portfolio.