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COMSTRAT 383 - Spring 2016 Syllabus

COMSTRAT 383  – Creative Media Strategies & Techniques (3 CREDITS) Instructor:  Brett Atwood                                Office...

Collaboration Activity: Crisis Management Activity

Please review the four media campaign building scenarios below and share your thoughts.

Scenario 1: JC Penney
  • JC Penney came under fire by bloggers and the media for a recent billboard campaign promoting a kettle that some say resembled Hitler.
  • The company claimed it was unintentional but still suffered from backlash on social media.
  • Develop a strategy to help JC Penney in this situation.

Scenario 2: Takata

  • Takata has issued a massive recall of automotive airbags, which is a development that impacts millions of vehicles and dozens of car brands.
  • Develop a strategy to help Takata during this crisis.

Scenario 3: FIFA

  • FIFA (the organization behind the World Cup) is under attack by industry observers and media due to allegations of corruption
  • Develop a crisis response strategy that will help reinstate confidence in the FIFA and enthusiasm for the next World Cup.

 Scenario 4: CVS

  • In 2014, CVS made a corporate decision to ban the sale of all tobacco products from its pharmacies. In the aftermath, there has been some complaints and a decline in sales.
  • Develop a strategy to justify this position to stockholders amidst news that this has caused a decline in sales and the stock price.

For the above media campaign strategies, you might consider:
  • Who is/are the public(s) you are trying to reach?
  • How will you reach them?
  • Develop specific strategies for your crisis response campaign
  • What is your message?
  • Are there key “talking points”?