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Portfolio Assignment: Newsletter

Many corporations use newsletters to communicate a combination of serious and/or feature news to their customer base. Newsletters can also be used to foster brand loyalty. While many people associate the newsletter format with old-fashioned print distribution, they may also be distributed electronically. 

Here are some good examples of newsletters and other resources that might help you lock down a content strategy for your newsletter:


Use the Google Documents or Microsoft Word templates to create a brief (1-3 pages) newsletter for your client. You can also use Wix's ShoutOut tool, Vertical Response, or Adobe InDesign to build a newsletter.

Creating your own newsletter is actually pretty easy. Unless you are already a graphic design expert,  I recommend you use a template to get started. Users of Microsoft Word or Google Documents will find several free templates that are easy to download and install.

Whichever method you use to create your newsletter, there are some "best practices" to consider. This .pdf guide from Vertical Response contains "5 Steps to Newsletter Success."
Example Newsletter:

OPTION 1: Google Drive/Documents Newsletter Templates
  • To get started, visit the Google Template Gallery.
  • Once there, you can browse through several categories and templates by selecting "More" in the upper right.
  • Under the section titled "Work" you will see several "Newsletter" design options.
  • Try to pick a template that has a design that is a good fit aesthetically for your client. Don't be afraid to experiment!
  • Once you select you template, you can populate it with text and images.
Related Links:

OPTION 2: Microsoft Word Newsletter & Brochure Templates

If you prefer, you can also use existing templates that are available for Microsoft Word. Here are some useful template links:

    OPTION 3: Wix ShoutOut

    Wix recently expanded to include the capacity to create newsletters via ShoutOut.

    OPTION 4: Adobe InDesign

    If you are comfortable with Adobe InDesign, you can use it make a newsletter. The video below shows you some InDesign tips and tricks for newsletter creation.
     OPTION 5: Vertical Response

    Vertical Response includes several newsletter templates that you can use. Login to your Vertical Response account and select Purpose > Newsletter/General.